Which Type of Plants Are Suitable For a Fish Pond

If you are building a fish pond and you have already decided what type of filter, pump and liner you are going to use and what type of fish you are going to keep then the next part is to think about plants for your backyard pond. Plants are also a crucial part of your fish pond because they keep the environment healthy and are a source of oxygen for the fish.

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There are many uses of keeping plants in your pond. Vegetation not only gives your pond a natural and beautiful look but also eliminates carbon dioxide from the water. Algae are an enemy of your pond and having plants can lower their growth. These plants can also provide food and shelter to the fish and they can have a space to spawn. Keeping these benefits in mind it is very productive to use the right plants for your fish pond.

Types of Plants

There are many different types of foiliage that you can use for your pond with some of the most popular being Giant Duckweed, Horsetail and the ever popular Lotus. The choice may also depend upon the type of fish that you are going to add to the pond. You may choose floating plants or oxygenated plants and you can also go for deep water plants. If your pond has different layers then you can add different plants to each layer.

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1. If you want to add deep water plants then you can go for water lilies and lotus. These plants work as a natural filter to get rid of the waste materials. Plant them in an area where sunlight can reach so that they can grow the right way. It can also be a good idea to try using a fertilizer for aquatic plants that will work for your pond.

2. To keep the pond environment oxygenated it is best to get foliage that make lots of oxygen like buttercup and milfoil. These plants also help to inhibit the growth of algae by feeding on the carbon dioxide that the algae use to grow. These are also best for providing shelter and food to the pond fish.

3. The best plants to provide shelter to the fish are floating plants and they also give a natural touch to the pond environment. But use a few of them because they tend to grow fast which can in turn reduce photosynthesis for the plants below, bladder wart and water lettuce are the best choices in this case.

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Just keep one thing in mind, different plants have different capacity to grow and you need to take into account the size of your pond before making your choice for the plants.

Considering all these things it is best to give plants some time to adjust to the pond environment before you add the fish. Always remember to build your pond under a shade, especially if you live in a hot sunny environment like Las Vegas and not under trees because dead leaves will fall in your pond making it dirty putting a greater work load on your filters and pumps. If it is under a shade you can have a place of serenity and peace to relax after a long day full of stress.

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